CL&F consists of Continental Land & Fur Co., Inc., CL&F Resources LP, CL&F Operating LLC and CL&F Offshore LLC.

Continental was founded in 1930 with a single asset, 127,000 acres of contiguous freshwater marshland in Terrebonne Parish, LA (the Fee Land).  Continental began investing in working interest oil & gas activities in 1976 and still retains working interests in several Gulf of Mexico legacy assets.

CL&F Resources LP was formed in 2001 as CL&F’s primary oil & gas working interest investment vehicle.

CL&F Operating LLC was formed in 2008 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CL&F Resources to conduct subsequent acquisition and exploration and production activities in the interior basins of the United States.  CL&F Offshore LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CL&F Operating, was formed in 2015 as a vehicle for oil & gas investments in the Gulf of Mexico, both on the shelf and in deep water.

The CL&F entities enjoy substantial liquidity due to the long-term success of its oil & gas investment activities since 1976 and continued activities on its fee land in south LA.

CL&F seeks:

  • Acquisitions of long-lived onshore producing properties ranging from $10-$100 million (non-operated) with upside drilling potential
  • Joint Venture opportunities (non-operated)
  • Conventional and unconventional prospects within the onshore regions
  • Drilling prospects along the Gulf Coast (non-operated)
  • Drilling prospect on the Gulf of Mexico shelf and in deep water (non-operated)