Fee Land

CL&F owns fee title to a 127,000 acre contiguous tract of freshwater marsh located in Terrebonne Parish, LA, approximately 60 miles southwest of New Orleans, most of which is located geologically within the prolific Houma Embayment.

The property began generating revenues in 1930 from trapping leases. The first oil and gas lease was granted in 1933 and first production was established in 1945.  Over 3 trillion cubic feet of gas equivalents have since been produced from the property, which continues to enjoy robust leasing, drilling and production activity.

The fee lands are located in the Mississippi River waterfowl flyway and attract waterfowl hunters from around the state.  Most of the revenues derived from the surface of the property are generated from permits to collect alligator eggs and from the trapping of wild alligators.

CL&F views the protection and management of the surface of this unique land as an important part of the stewardship of its owners’ legacy as it constantly seeks an appropriate balance of revenue-producing activities on the property, particularly oil and gas activities, with the need to protect the marsh and environment.

For information regarding CL&F’s fee land, contact Paul Loveless at (281) 873-9378.